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Motorcycle Accident, broken leg. Young male riding his motorcycle in the city, who rode over an unrepaired defect in the street causing him to lose control and fall. A claim was made against the city for negligent maintenance of the road. Settlement of $675,000.

Truck Accident, broken hip. Man was hit head-on by an 18 wheeler which crossed the center line of traffic. The client sustained a fractured pelvis, fractured knee, and closed head injury. Settlement of $1,000,000.

Sidewalk defect, rotator cuff tear. A truck driver tripped on a plumbing vent pipe protruding from the walkway at a truck stop, causing a shoulder injury. Settlement of $130,000.

Auto Accident, broken leg. A passenger in a private vehicle was injured when the driver lost control of the car, causing it to flip. Policy limits settlement of $125,000.

Truck Accident, herniated disc. The driver of an 18 wheeler was forced off the road and down an embankment when another truck failed to yield right of way at an intersection. The client sustained a compression fracture of the spine and a herniated disc. Settlement of $325,000 settlement.

Auto Accident, neck and shoulder injury. Client was rear-ended at a traffic light. Policy limits settlement of $200,000.

Furniture Accident, herniated disc. Client attending a business meeting was injured when the chair he was provided by the host facility collapsed. He sustained a herniated disc to the low back. Settlement of $370,000.

Auto Accident, herniated disc. Passenger in vehicle sustained neck injury when struck by another vehicle, necessitating fusion surgery in the neck. Four separate motor vehicle insurance policies were located, and each paid their liability limits. Total settlement of $235,000.

Auto Accident, fractured ankle. Driver struck head‑on when an oncoming vehicle crossed the center line in a straightaway. Settled for policy limits of $175,000.

Auto Accident, knee injury. Rear end collision. Settlement of $175,000.

Auto Accident, ruptured disc. Delivery truck driver t-boned at an intersection while making a delivery, sustained low back injury. Settlement of $250,000.

Pedestrian accident, low back pain. A pedestrian walking alongside a roadway was injured when a motor vehicle accident occurred next to him on the roadway, and debris from the accident struck him, causing him to fall and strain his low back. Settlement of $62,000.

Auto Accident, facial scarring. The female passenger of an automobile sustained a facial scar when the vehicle she was riding in turned over, ejecting her. Settlement of $350,000.

Auto Accident, knee injury. Passenger in auto accident struck his knee on dashboard, causing internal injury and requiring knee replacement. Settlement of $180,000.


Herniated disc. Warehouse worker sustained a low back injury while lifting a box. Settlement of $195,000.

Nerve injury. Truck driver sustained a stretch injury to a nerve in his leg when his foot slipped while walking inside his semi trailer, causing him to do a split. Settlement of $185,000.

Fractured heel, back injury. Middle‑aged roofer, fell from a third story house while replacing a roof. Sustained fractured heel, fractured wrist, compression fracture and bulging disc in his spine. Client received $949,000 in benefits, including settlement of $455,000.

Low back injury. Warehouse worker fell while retrieving parts from a storage rack. Settlement of $125,000.

Low back injury. Machinist fell in warehouse when he stumbled over materials left on the floor, causing injury. Settlement of $190,000.

Bulging disc. Construction worker rear-ended while traveling to a job in company‑owned truck, injury to low back. Combined settlement of $608,000.

Rotator Cuff Tear. Construction worker injured his shoulder falling from a ladder, surgical repair required. Settlement of $175,000.

Multiple body parts. Roofer sustained injuries to multiple body parts when he fell 20 feet after breaking through a roof and landing on a concrete floor. Settlement of $225,000.

Fractured neck, torn shoulder. Construction worker sustained multiple injuries after a fall at work. The client received $515,000 in benefits, settlement of $180,000.

Low back injury. Construction worker injured his back climbing out of a hole. The client received $494,000 in benefits, settlement of $125,000.

Workplace fatality. Worker was crushed by lumber that fell off the front of a forklift. Settlement of $250,000.

Low Back injury. Residental remodeler sustained a herniated disc while moving a door. Surgical laminectomy and discectomy performed. The client received $361,000 in benefits, settlement of $165,000.

Low back injury. Nurse injured low back while moving a nursing home patient. Settlement of $100,000.

Low back injury. Handyman injured while hanging a heavy picture. Settlement of $180,000.

Low back injury. Nurse injured low back while catching a falling patient. Settlement of $180,000.

Brain injury. Commercial construction worker slipped and fell at work, striking his head. Memory impairment. Settlement of $145,000.

Multiple injuries. Nurse injured multiple body parts caused by a fall in the parking lot of a nursing home where she worked. Settlement of $153,000.

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