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Workplace accidents may lead Georgia families to pursue benefits

Many Georgia residents may go through their work days without facing any unexpected incidents. However, there are many individuals who are at risk of being involved in workplace accidents. If such an incident occurs and workers are seriously injured, the repercussions could have significant financial impacts that prove long-lasting.

Multiple individuals may be experiencing such impacts after a recent incident at a facility in a nearby state. Reports indicated that maintenance workers were working on an industrial pump used to transfer molten-hot polymers. The liquid polymers were reportedly used in making plastic that the plant produces. During their activities, three workers came in contact with the hot polymers after some escaped the pump. It was unclear how much of the liquid came out or landed on the workers. 

Wrongful death: Georgia teen killed in crash after abduction

When the sudden death of a loved one is caused by the actions of another individual, the surviving family may wonder what their options are. In many cases, taking legal action against the individual considered at fault or that person's estate could be a feasible and warranted action. A wrongful death claim could allow those negatively affected parties to seek desired compensation.

One family in Georgia may be looking into such routes after a recent accident. Reports stated that the boyfriend of a 16-year-old girl came to her family home with a shotgun on Thanksgiving day. The 20-year-old man made the girl leave the home at gun point, and as the man drove away, he apparently lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree near the girl's home.

Georgia Workers Compensation and OSHA - How Are They Similar?

OSHA's Mission is to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing safety standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance to employers and employees.

Georgia workers compensation, on the other hand, is responsible for providing Medical Care at no cost to you if you are injured on the job and possibly a weekly check to replace your income.

OSHA has the responsibility of establishing specific safety guidelines to hopefully reduce workplace injuries, while Georgia workers compensation provides medical care and potential weekly checks to workers if they are injured on the job.

A workplace accident could affect Georgia workers and families

The aftermath of a work-related accident can easily leave workers and their families looking for answers. The struggles that result from serious or fatal injuries can affect individuals for years to comes. As a result, the affected parties may wish to determine whether workers' compensation may be available to address financial hardships resulting from a workplace accident. 

An industrial accident recently took place in a state neighboring Georgia. Reports indicated that the event occurred at a plant that was under demolition. During the operation, a wall collapsed, and two workers were affected. It was unclear where the workers were in relation to the wall at the time of the incident.

Fatal car accident claims lives in Georgia

Incidents that cause families to lose loved ones may lead the surviving family members to consider various options. Among these options may be to file wrongful death claims if the deaths were caused by other parties. Such a claim could help those families seek compensation for damages resulting from a fatal car accident.

It was recently reported that a fatal crash took place in Georgia. Apparently, the incident involved a pickup truck and a car, and there were at least three people involved. The driver of the pickup was reported as being a 70-year-old woman. While traveling south, the pickup crossed into the opposite lane and hit the car head-on. The driver of the car was reported as being 68 years old, and there was also a juvenile passenger in the car. 

Injured workers in Georgia may be interested in workers' comp

In the event that an individual is seriously injured or killed on the job, there may be steps that need to be taken for those negatively affected by the event. Certainly, ensuring that the injured workers receive the necessary medical attention and treatment is of the utmost importance, but afterward, financial issues could plague those individuals. As a result, further steps may be needed in order to work toward potentially obtaining workers' compensation benefits. 

Georgia residents may be interested in a recent work-related accident that took place in another state. Reports indicated that the incident involved two telecommunications workers, one of whom owned the company. Apparently, the two men were inside a bucket truck pulling fiber-optic cables from power lines when the bucket on the truck came in contact with the lines.

Georgia pedestrian accident leaves man with fatal injuries

Being a pedestrian comes with considerable risks, especially when walking on busy roadways. There are many reasons individuals may find themselves in such situations, and experiencing car problems or having no other modes of transportation are just two potential factors that could affect some parties. Whatever the reasons, there are chances that these individuals could be struck by vehicles, and a pedestrian accident could cause deadly injuries. 

A fatal incident was recently reported as having taken place in Georgia. Reports stated that a man was walking down Interstate 75 when he was hit by a vehicle. The driver apparently veered from the road and struck the pedestrian. There was no reported reason as to why the man was walking down I-75 or what may have caused the driver to leave the roadway. 

Workers compensation may help with on-the-job injuries in Georgia

When a serious accident takes place on a work site, there may be impacts felt in various areas. However, if the incident results in workers suffering on-the-job injuries, those workers and their families may be feeling the repercussions much more intensely. In hopes of gaining financial assistance, those individuals may wish to look into workers' compensation.

Georgia residents may be experiencing some impacts from a recent gasoline pipeline explosion in a neighboring state. Though increased gas prices may be among those impacts, several individuals working on the pipeline at the time of the incident are facing worse outcomes. Reports stated that one individual suffered fatal injuries, and five other workers were taken to area hospitals due to injuries they suffered in the event.

Georgia car accident results in man's death

Being involved in a rear-end crash can sometimes be a minor incident that results in momentary frustration, or it could be a serious event with devastating outcomes. A car accident that occurs because a driver does not stop in time or due to other factors could potentially result in an individual or individuals losing their lives. In such cases, seeking compensation may be worth considering. 

It was recently reported that a fatal accident took place in Georgia. The incident involved a pickup truck and another vehicle in the northbound lanes of Interstate 185. The second vehicle was traveling at a high speed when it collided with the rear of the pickup truck. It was unclear what factors -- if any -- may have contributed to the crash other than speed.

Georgia construction accident results in injured workers

It was recently reported that a construction accident left two individuals seriously injured in Georgia. Reports stated that the injured workers were carrying out tasks at a construction site. While working on an unfinished home, a crane was being utilized to haul wooden trusses to the top of the house. At some point, the crane came too close to an electrical wire and caused an arc of electricity. 

One worker had been holding ropes attached the crane at the time of the incident. When the electricity hit the crane, it traveled through the rope and caused the worker to be electrocuted. He suffered severe injuries, including thermal burns, and was airlifted from the scene for treatment. 

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