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Asbestos Exposure and Georgia Workers' Compensation

The risks of asbestos exposure have been known for decades now. The widespread understanding that this material can be hazardous is so far-reaching that the federal government and the courts expect employers to take the precautions necessary to protect workers from exposure.

Unfortunately, however, many employers continue to fail to meet safety requirements. In December 2016, federal inspectors from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, discovered that a Wisconsin medical clinic knowingly exposed maintenance inspectors to asbestos. These allegations are bringing national attention, once again, to the impact that asbestos can have on an individual's health as well as the environment, and they are shedding light on the importance of providing workers with a safe space for performing their jobs on a daily basis.

Family may seek legal action after Georgia car accident

Leaving the scene of a serious crash could cause considerable legal complications for those deserting parties. More importantly, however, when individuals leave crash sites, they may leave behind seriously injured parties who need medical attention. If a passenger is injured in a car accident in which the driver flees, considering legal action may not be unwarranted.

One family in Georgia may be exploring their legal options after a recent crash. Reports stated that the incident involved only one vehicle, and it was occupied by an adult male driver and a 7-year-old girl. Apparently, authorities tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver sped away and took an exit off the interstate. After exiting, the vehicle crashed. The child was ejected from the car during the incident. 

Injured workers: Georgia man suffers broken leg after accident

After a serious accident takes place on the job, many different actions may need to occur. Any injured parties will likely need medical attention, and the proper authorities will undoubtedly conduct an investigation into the incident. Additionally, seriously injured workers may need to find out their options for workers' compensation and how to go about potentially obtaining those benefits. 

One Georgia man may be exploring such information after recently being injured in a work-related accident. The incident occurred at a recycling facility and involved a bale of material falling on the worker. It was not specifically stated what type of material made up the bale, but it was noted that the bale weighed up to 1,000 lbs. It was also unclear from what height the bale fell or what caused it to fall.

Workers' comp may help those injured in workplace accidents

Though many individuals enjoy their jobs immensely, carrying out certain duties could put workers at risk of injury. Unfortunately, most workplace accidents occur unexpectedly without much time for individuals to react. As a result, serious injuries may result that leave employees wondering how they will deal with the aftermath when it comes to recovering and dealing with the financial impacts. 

Georgia residents may be interested in an accident that recently took place out of state. The incident occurred at a plant that produces cement trucks and refuse trucks and employs approximately 1,000 people. Reports stated that an explosion took place in the paint shop area of the plant. Luckily, many of the workers who are usually in that area were away from the plant undergoing training exercises. 

Georgia families could seek recompense after fatal car accident

Speed limits are in place to help travelers move at a rate that is safe for the area. However, many drivers simply consider these limits guidelines or disregard them entirely and drive as high rates of speed. Unfortunately, drivers who are speeding typically have less control over their vehicles and some could potentially cause a serious car accident.

A fatal incident was reported as recently having occurred in Georgia. Reports stated that only one car was involved in the crash, and a police officer claimed that the driver appeared to have been speeding. The accident took place in the early morning after the car crashed into a pole and then struck a tree. After the crash, the vehicle then caught fire. 

Georgia workers may be at risk of construction accident injuries

The construction industry is one that provides many job opportunities and is also vital for area growth. Unfortunately, construction-related jobs often come with considerable risks that require safety precautions, and in some cases, even addressing the risks may not completely protect workers from harm. If a construction accident results in serious injuries, significant setbacks could affect the injured workers. 

Georgia residents may be interested in a recent accident that took place in a different state. Reports indicated that a 34-year-old construction worker was working on framing a building, and while doing so, he was standing on a length of support trusses. The trusses collapsed and caused the man to fall to the ground, which was approximately 20 feet down. 

Construction accidents can severely impact Georgia workers

Though the hazards that workers face may depend on the type of jobs they have, all workers run a certain risk of suffering injuries on the job. Construction accidents are among the most commonly heard-of incidents, as they often involve severe injuries due to serious events. Unfortunately, these injuries can often result in significant hardships for the injured parties.

Georgia residents may be interested in an injury-causing construction accident that recently took place in a nearby state. Reports stated that a construction worker was carrying out duties on a work site that involved clearing trees from an area along a roadway. It was unclear exactly how the accident took place, but reports stated that one of the trees fell on the man.

Georgia car crash claims lives of all involved

In less than an instant, a family can be significantly altered. A car accident could quickly rip loved ones away from families, and leave surviving members wondering what they should do next. In many cases in which a car crash proves fatal, filing wrongful death claims could help the surviving families seek justice.

One family in Georgia may soon be exploring such a legal option due to a recent crash. Reports stated that a 61-year-old woman was driving a vehicle when she failed to remain in the correct lane and crashed into another vehicle. As a result, the driver traveling in the opposite direction attempted to turn his car in order for the impact to take place on the driver's side. The man's son was also in the vehicle, and a witness speculated that the man was trying to protect his son.

Social Media Can Ruin Your Workers' Compensation Or Personal Injury Case

For many people, social media plays a role in their daily life and has even become an integral part of their routine. For many of us, posting an update on Facebook or venting about a problem on Twitter has become a regular part of our day. Under normal circumstances, this type of daily reporting is seemingly harmless - but it's not always recommended if you are filing for workers' compensation or seeking damages in a personal injury claim.

Cold weather conditions may increase risk of workplace accidents

Many individuals who work outside often have their work hampered by weather conditions. As the winter season rolls in, many construction workers may find themselves battling cold temperatures and potential ice issues. These conditions could increase the risk of workplace accidents, and as a result, workers could be injured.

Georgia residents may be interested in a recent workplace accident that took place out-of-state. Reports indicated that a 29-year-old man was working on the roof of a construction site, and the weather had apparently caused the roof to become icy. As a result of the ice, the man slipped and fell on the roof. His leg was injured in the fall, and he was not able to get down from the roof. 

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