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Sudden work-related accident may leave Georgia workers injured

In Georgia and elsewhere, suffering an injury can happen to anyone at anytime. In many cases, these injuries occur on the job. A work-related accident could result in severe injuries. These injuries can cause individuals to face numerous setbacks that lead to financial strain for which they may be entitled to compensation.

One worker in a neighboring state may be exploring his options for workers' comp after being injured on the job. It was reported that man was working at a plant on top of a tank that held an undisclosed material. The worker was welding the tank when he was thrown 50 feet due to an explosion. It was unclear what may have led to the explosion occurring. 

Workplace injury may cause financial struggles in Georgia

Though many individuals enjoy their jobs, workers could still find themselves at risk of injuries. A workplace injury can happen to anyone, and the extent of those injuries can have varying effects. In relatively minor situations, workers may still need time away from work to recover while more serious events could lead to extended hospitalization and permanent injuries.

Georgia residents may be interested in a work-related accident that took place in a neighboring state. Reports stated that two men who were part of a demolition crew were working on cutting parts of an old coal plant when part of the structure collapsed. The incident caused the two men to fall to the ground amid the debris, which resulted in injuries.

Hit-and-run car accident results in teen's death in Georgia

Vehicle collisions are a common occurrence, but the outcomes of crashes have unique impacts. As a result, the individuals affected may have specific options that relate to their car accident that could help them handle negative outcomes. In many cases, information on civil claims options may help individuals determine whether legal action could suit their circumstances. 

Multiple individuals may be looking into such options after a recent Georgia crash. Reports stated that the incident involved an SUV and a car that were both heading south on an interstate roadway. Details on how the crash occurred were not given, but the wreck caused the SUV to flip. The other vehicle did not remain on the scene of the accident, but at the time of the report, the driver of that car had been found.

You can't sue your employer for a workplace injury but you can sue...

Workers' compensation is often referred to as "the compensation bargain." It's basically a trade off. If you are injured on the job, you are provided immediate benefits (although limited) and, in exchange, you forfeit the right to sue your employer in court. This arrangement applies regardless of who was at fault.

Known as the Exclusive Remedy Doctrine, the only recourse for you as an injured worker in Georgia is to apply for benefits. However, despite the prohibition against suing your employer for your injuries, you may be able to sue an outside third party for benefits, like pain and suffering, not covered under Georgia workers' comp.

Alabama construction accident leaves worker with injuries

Taking a serious fall at any time can result in negative repercussions. When the fall takes place as part of a construction accident, the likelihood of serious injuries may increase. If a worker is injured due to this type of on-the-job incident, he or she may have cause to pursue workers' compensation.

One Alabama worker may soon start gathering more information on these benefits after a recent accident. Reports stated that the man was working construction on a band practice field at Auburn University. While working, the man fell from a scaffolding. He apparently fell 15 feet before coming to a stop. The incident was still under investigation, as it was unclear what may have caused the man to fall.

Workplace accidents in Georgia may be cause for workers' comp

Job injuries can happen unexpectedly, and as a result, Georgia workers may have given little thought to how they would handle the aftermath of such injuries. They may face financial impacts that could leave them wondering how their day-to-day lives will move forward. Luckily, workers' compensation can provide benefits to qualifying workers who are injured in workplace accidents. 

One man in a neighboring state may be examining the steps he needs to take in order to potentially obtain these benefits. Reports stated that the man was working as part of a crew performing duties on a sea wall. The workers were apparently using chains attached to a panel of the wall when the chain slipped and the 1-ton panel fell on the workers. 

Claims may result from multi-vehicle Georgia car accident

In the aftermath of a serious crash, many individuals may feel a mixture of various emotions. If they were seriously injured, they may wonder how their injuries will affect their lives, and individuals of deceased car accident victims may wonder how they will deal with this sudden loss. Handling any of these outcomes can prove difficult on many levels. 

Multiple individuals in Georgia may be trying to determine their next steps after a recent crash. Reports stated that the incident involved five vehicles and began when one vehicle crashed into the back of a pickup truck. The initial collision caused the pickup to travel into oncoming traffic and hit a car. The pickup then flipped and struck another pickup. The first vehicle hit a fifth vehicle. 

Results of a work accident can impact Georgia workers, families

Serious work-related accidents occur on a fairly regular basis. Unfortunately, these incidents often lead to workers suffering severe injuries that have been known to prove fatal. The aftermath of such accidents may cause many hardships that surviving workers and families of deceased victims may have to handle. Georgia residents may be interested in one work accident that recently took place out of state. 

Reports stated that two workers were injured while attempting to clear a mudslide from a roadway. A third individual had been driving a construction truck that had been hauling rocks and mud from the area. While the truck was moving in reverse, the driver of the truck hit and ran over the two other workers. A witness passing the site tried gaining the attention of others nearby. 

Mental Health And Georgia Workers' Compensation

In decades past, little was understood about mental health issues and these concerns certainly didn't qualify a worker to take time off of work and receive adequate compensation. Today, however, more is known about the complex nature of mental health issues and their connection to physical health concerns. Employees may be able to include mental health treatment and lost time due to mental health issues as part of their workers' compensation claim.

Fatal work-related accidents may lead to hardships in Georgia

When individuals are working in trenches, there are many safety precautions that are often required in order to ensure that the workers are not at any unnecessary risk. Unfortunately, work-related accidents can still take place, and serious injuries could occur. In some cases, resulting injuries may even prove fatal and cause much hardship for surviving family.

One out-of-state man's fatal accident may be of interest to Georgia residents. Reports stated that the man was a city employee who worked for the water department. When the accident occurred, the man was working on a sewer-replacement project. While he was carrying out duties in a trench, the trench collapsed on him. The incident took place just after 1 p.m. 

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