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Is Georgia ready for autonomous vehicles?

Technology advances are revolutionizing just about every aspect of our lives and they seem to come down the pike at break-neck speeds. In some cases, the benefits are immediately apparent. In others, the prospects are less clear. Still, cultural forces being what they are in the United States - political, economic and otherwise - we often press ahead without knowing exactly what we might encounter around the bend.

One of the most notable current trends in this regard is the drive toward autonomous cars and trucks. This spring, Georgia joined the ranks of states that have chosen to pave the way to allow unmanned vehicles to hit the road sooner, rather than later. Not fully answered at this point is who can be held responsible when an autonomous vehicle causes someone to be injured in a crash.

Motorcycle safety tips

While the hardy may ride their motorcycles on warm days in the winter months here in Georgia, most find it enjoyable to wait until the trees start to turn green. Unfortunately, no matter what time of year it is, danger still lurks on the road because of inattentive drivers and poor road conditions. This can lead to time in the hospital or worse.

While motorcyclist can't control the behavior of fellow drivers, nor completely prevent accidents, they can take precautions to lessen the dangers of riding a bike. These include:

What's crucial in workers' comp, where I work or where I live?

Every state has workers' compensation law in place. That does not mean that all plans are the same. Indeed, where Georgia and Alabama are concerned, differences in benefit amounts can be significant. This has the potential for generating major confusion.

If you work in Georgia but live in Alabama, it might be important to know which state will exercise jurisdiction over benefits in the event you suffer a disabling injury on the job. For example, in Georgia, if you lose an arm due to a work injury, you could be eligible for lifetime benefits worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. If that same injury occurs to workers in Alabama, compensation might be capped at less than $50,000.

Is compensation for an illness possible after employment ends?

The answer to the question above might not seem very promising when faced with the results in a 1998 article published by the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine. According to a study outlined in the article, roughly 97 percent of workers living with an occupational illness don't receive compensation for their work-related condition.

Ask those who have filed a workers' compensation claim for an occupational illness in recent years and they will tell you things haven't changed much.

I just bought a car under a salvage title. Do I need to worry?

If you ever bought a used car in Georgia, you probably are familiar with the term "as is." This is a way sellers use to say - buyer beware. There's no warranty on the car. New car dealers have to comply with provisions of the state's lemon law, but no such law applies to used cars. That puts an extra burden on buyers to take extra care.

Considering all the ways car accidents can occur and the breadth of possible injuries - including death - used car buyers owe it to themselves to dig as deep as they can into a vehicle's past. Answers to questions such as, does this car have any faulty systems, or does it contain any parts subject to recall, could be crucial to seeking compensation if you are injured in a crash

Georgia car accident may present cause for legal claims

Though many precautions are put in place to make the roadways safe, people are injured or killed on a daily basis. Drivers who feel that the rules do not apply to them put other travelers at considerable risk, but even individuals who try to be present and aware on the road can make a mistake that costs lives. Unfortunately, a fatal car accident can have lasting impacts.

It was recently reported that a serious crash took place in Georgia. Apparently, the incident involved two vehicles traveling in opposite directions. The first car was heading north and traveling through a curve when it went off the side of the road. The driver presumably overcorrected as the vehicle then went over the center dividing line and began to spin. The car then hit a minivan that was heading south before flipping.

Work accidents: Georgia worker suffers injury in fall

When an individual's job duties require work to be done at considerable heights, that person runs the risk of suffering serious injuries if he or she falls. Many workers are put at such risk in a variety of occupations, and unfortunately, accidents occur relatively often. Though the types of injuries stemming from such an event may vary, there is a high likelihood that workers can suffer significant harm. 

It was recently reported that a Georgia worker was involved in a workplace accident. Apparently, the man had been working on the roof of a warehouse building when he fell through the roof. The building was reported as being two-stories tall, and the man fell all the way to the cement floor. 

Georgia construction workers could face fatality risks on the job

Many individuals earn their living by working in the construction industry. Though this industry is necessary for continued growth in various areas, construction workers often face serious risks while on the job. An accident could occur at any moment, and in some cases, the resulting injuries could result in a worker losing his or her life. 

Georgia residents may be interested in such an event that recently took place out of state. Reports indicated that a man was working as part of a construction crew on a connected church and school building. In order to carry out his tasks, the man was using a construction lift. Somehow, the man became pinned between the lift and the building and was unable to get free. 

Falls due to a work accident may lead to workers' comp in Georgia

The idea of an on-the-job injury can be one that causes much anxiety for any Georgia worker or worker's family. Depending on the occupation, a workplace accident could cause serious or fatal injuries. These injuries could lead to a variety of impacts, but most commonly, individuals find themselves facing questions regarding their finances. 

One individual in another state may soon be considering such questions after a recent accident. Reports stated that a man on a job site was injured after falling into an 8-foot-deep trench. It was unclear what the trench was being used for or what type of work-related activities the individual was carrying out at the time of the accident. Details were also not given regarding what caused the man to fall.

Georgia car crash claims life of teen

When asked to consider a deadly crash, a different scenario may pop into each individual's mind. Some parties may immediately picture a multi-car accident, while others think of tractor-trailers or drunk drivers. Unfortunately, any type of car crash could prove fatal depending on the circumstances, and many people can feel the repercussions of such an incident.

It was recently reported that a single-vehicle crash in Georgia proved deadly. Apparently, a 20-year-old man was driving an SUV when he failed to keep the vehicle on the road. After leaving the road, the SUV struck a tree. It was unclear what may have caused the driver to possibly lose control of the vehicle. He and one passenger were apparently the only occupants. 

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