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Electrocution deaths in construction still a problem

Electrical workers and other construction workers come into contact with electrical equipment and electrical wiring on job sites daily. Although the number of electrocution fatalities is decreasing, exposure to electricity still kills nearly 150 construction workers annually and most deaths are preventable.

Commercial truckers are at high risk for workplace injuries

Commercial trucking accidents are often so dangerous due to the size difference between the vehicles; a truck can weigh as much as 30 times more than a passenger vehicle. When a collision happens, the truck drivers often survive simply because they are behind the wheel of the larger vehicle. However, the U.S. Department of Labor reports that injuries and fatalities happen more in commercial trucking than in any other industry.

Fatal workplace injuries on the rise

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has released a new report showing a 7-percent jump in fatal workplace injuries between 2015 and 2016. It cited transportation as the most common cause of death on the job-accounting for about two-fifths of all incidences. Violence in the workplace rose 23 percent in the last year, making it the second most common cause of death at work.

How to fall correctly

When you think of the dangers of slip and fall accidents, you might expect the serious risks to be borne by construction workers and other people who spend their days working on high ladders, rooftops and other high-risk environments. For the average Joe going about their daily routine, you might only expect a slip and fall accident to result in a sprained ankle or a bruised knee.

Atlanta ranks #1 in truck congestion; increased risk of crashes

A recent study by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) examined freeway bottlenecks commonly accessed by truckers in 300 different sites across the country. It found Atlanta's I-285 at I-85 (North) to be the most congested thoroughfare in the nation for trucks. This was followed closely behind by another Atlanta passageway--I-75 at I-285 (North)--in fourth place.

Georgia construction company cited for improper trenching safety

In a recent inspection of Dustcom Limited Inc., the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) found the company to be negligent in providing suitable safety conditions for trench workers--putting these workers at unnecessary risk of trench collapse. Dustcom received the maximum allowable fine: more than a quarter of a million dollars.

Get ready for the Georgia Safety Stand Down: January 22-26

This month, the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Georgia is joining forces with the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to put on a week-long campaign aimed at educating workers in the construction industry about workplace safety during the winter.

How comparative negligence affects your personal injury claim

In a previous post, we discussed whether you have the right to sue if you were injured in a motorcycle accident but weren't wearing a helmet. Georgia law requires all motorcyclists to wear a helmet will riding. However, failing to wear a helmet does not automatically mean the other driver is off the hook. It depends on the amount of negligence each party has--which, in the legal community, is known as "comparative negligence." Today we will examine this concept in more detail.

New bill could lead to advancements in truck safety

While on-road collisions involving a tractor-trailer may be less frequent than accidents involving other types of vehicles, such accidents are nonetheless a growing concern in the U.S., and they are almost always fatal.

The legal risk of serving alcohol to underage Thanksgiving guests

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration with family and friends. In addition to the turkey, pie and sweet potatoes, alcohol often plays a prominent role in Thanksgiving get-togethers. At such festivities, many hosts may allow their underage nieces or nephews to have a drink or two. They mistakenly assume that it's safer for minors to drink at home--under the supervision of trusted adults--rather than at a party or in a bar.

Mating season can result in deer-related crashes

The months of October through December can be particularly hazardous to Georgia motorists, but not for the reasons you might think. Is it because of snowfall that makes roads slippery and dangerous? Not here in the South, where the temperatures remain mild. How about drivers who have had too much to drink at their holiday celebrations? Drunk drivers do pose a threat, but that's not the one we're talking about:

Five conditions that can lead to outdoor slip and fall injuries

Slip and fall accidents are of the most common forms of personal injury. They can occur anywhere, at any time, and can be caused by many different conditions.

More technology in cars increases distracted driving

As vehicle technology becomes more advanced, automakers add increasingly complex bells and whistles to the information and entertainment systems in cars. While dashboards used to have just a few simple features, they are now often equipped with the technology for social media, texting, navigation, and email.

'Buyer beware' more important for car shoppers after disasters

The market for buying and selling used cars is hot. It has been for a number of years. Indeed, major U.S. car dealers responding to a recent survey by Automotive News said used-car sales the last three years have been strong and holding steady. One resulting issue, as we noted in a post back in May, is that if you are a consumer looking to buy used, you face a challenge to make sure the vehicle you are buying is all it's cracked up to be. A new car comes from the factory. How can you be sure where your used car came from?

Holistic care requires attention to mental injuries, too

Imagine this. You are on your daily commute home from work or school in Carrollton and your vehicle is struck by another car or truck. Injuries from such a wreck could be limited to cuts or bruises, but they could be more serious - broken bones or even serious internal injuries. Recovery could take anywhere from weeks to years, but physical healing is likely.

Gauging the value of a human life

How do you put a price on a human life? Just asking the question is hard for many. However, in the aftermath of a tragic death, especially if that loss was preventable, the question is bound to come up. And if you happen to be among those who suffered the loss, putting things in the context of money is about the only way to seek and obtain compensation.

Don't forget the ticking clock if considering civil action

TV crime drama fans may know the term "statute of limitations." It represents the time beyond which prosecutors can't charge someone for an alleged crime. For example, the statute of limitations for alleged misdemeanors in Georgia is two years. The more serious the crime, the longer the window of prosecution opportunity. For murder, there is no statute of limitations.

Georgia jury awards $11.2 million for wrongful death on movie set

The family of a crew member who died while working on the 2014 biopic about Gregg Allman has just been awarded a total of $11.2 million by a Chatham County jury. The unanimous jury award came after a six-day trial. The filmmaker, first assistant director and unit production manager had already settled with the family.

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