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Risk of injury from household fires skyrockets at Thanksgiving

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Western Georgia Personal Injury

Thanksgiving is a time to get away from work obligations and get together with family and friends. In addition to camaraderie and interesting, if repeated, family stories, the celebration often centers around a large, elaborate meal. For some families, this means roasting a turkey for hours on end throughout the day. For others, it means dropping the bird into a deep fryer.

Whatever the means of celebration chosen, one thing is certain: the risk of a household fire jumps 250 percent compared to the daily average throughout the country.

Why the increase in accidents during the holidays? These celebrations are often paired with alcohol consumption and other distractions. These distractions combined with warm ovens and hot oils can lead to disaster. The National Fire Protection Association reports 45 percent of home fire injuries and one-fifth home fire deaths are the result of cooking accidents.

Fires are just one concern during Thanksgiving celebrations. A publication from Consumer Reports notes additional dangers can include lacerations from kitchen knives as well as injuries from blenders and food processors.

Proactive steps can help reduce these risks. Use timers to ensure food does not overcook and ensure all kitchen tools are in good repair. Keep children out of the kitchen, or at least three feet back from any cooking surface or oven.

Accident or negligence? Some accidents are just that, honest mistakes. Others may be the result of negligence. It may be wise to consider a personal injury claim in the event another’s negligence leads to a serious injury. An attorney experienced in these claims can review the details of your accident and discuss your options.

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