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October 2018 Archives

A scoot commute could lead to a personal injury dispute

The e-scooter, the latest in urban commuting, is diminutive but potentially powerful. According to proponents, it could well be the big solution for what is a decades old problem – covering the so-called "last mile" – that distance in every city, including Atlanta, that is too far to walk to and too near to drive.

Two of the deadliest days to be on the road are approaching

When you think of times of the year when driving is particularly dangerous, your mind might jump to holidays typically associated with heaving drinking--and consequently, drunk driving--such as St. Patrick's Day or New Year's. Or you may think of times of the year when inclement weather makes for treacherous driving--such as the winter or hurricane season.

If you wouldn't drive drunk, you shouldn't drive drowsy.

Our lives our getting increasingly busy. Multi-tasking is the new norm. We're juggling a seemingly endless list of responsibilities, leaving little time for rest or relaxation. All too often, a solid night's sleep gets prioritized last, and we become accustomed to going through our days in a sleep-deprived state. Some of us even consider our excessive busyness and insufficient sleep to be points of pride.

Car seat confusion: what's the safest practice?

If you're new to the parenting game, you probably have questions. How do you get your baby onto a regular sleep schedule? How does formula compare with mother's milk? How do you know which car seat to pick--and how should you use it?

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