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When workers’ comp meets personal injury

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2018 | Georgia Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation functions as a system of protection–both for the employee and the employer. If you get injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance helps to ensure that you get the medical care you need and that you don’t lose wages while you’re out of work. In exchange, this system also protects the employer from a lawsuit.

In previous posts, we’ve talked a lot about common workplace accidents–such as slip-and-falls–that occur at the worksite. But what happens when a work-related accident happens off of company property–involving a third party who’s unaffiliated with the business?

For example, let’s say you work as a driver for a shipping company. Most of your days are spent on the road. One day, while making a delivery, you get side-swiped by a drunk driver. You end up with a broken leg and a concussion. What is your legal recourse in such a scenario?

In situations such as these, you could actually be entitled to two forms of legal remedies: you can file a workers’ compensation claim through your employer and you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver. Under such a scenario, the compensation you could stand to receive for a work-related injury could increase dramatically.

It’s important to understand how the involvement of a third party could affect your legal options if you experience a work-related accident. If you’ve experienced an injury while on the clock, it’s a good idea to consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to understand your rights.

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