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A construction manager’s mindset has a huge impact on safety.

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2018 | Georgia Workers' Compensation

A construction manager faces a lot of competing demands. They have to satisfy their clients, who want their project completed on time, on budget and with a high level of quality. At the same time, a manager also has to take into consideration the limitations of their crew and to be able to adjust goals as circumstances change.

One of the biggest mistakes a construction manager can make is prioritizing the project deadline above all else. This mindset can have a negative impact on workplace safety.

Delays are a given in the construction industry. There might be setbacks in the supply line, which can postpone a construction project from the start. There may be unforeseen issues on the property, which the crew needs to go back and resolve. Such factors can make a previously tight deadline unsafe to achieve.

The risks of rushing

There tends to be a spike in construction accidents when a project falls behind schedule. When workers are under pressure to rush, they are less likely to follow the correct safety procedures or wear the necessary safety gear in the name of efficiency.

In addition, during hot Georgia summers, the chances of injury on construction sites are especially high. If managers push their workers to rush through a job and discourage adequate breaks for rest and rehydration, workers can be at high risk of heat stress.

Construction is an inherently dangerous field of work. However, when a construction manager is willing to be flexible about deadlines in the name of workplace safety, the benefits can save money and lives.

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