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Repetitive motion injuries also compensable

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2017 | Uncategorized

Workplace injuries aren’t always sudden and visible. Often, an injury or condition can develop over the course of months or even several years by repeating the same task continuously. Types of work that commonly involve repetitive motion include factory assembly, heavy lifting, reaching overhead and typing.

By repeating the same motion day after day, muscles and tendons suffer from significant strain. Workers may develop chronic conditions such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome over time. These conditions might limit your ability to complete daily tasks and could last the rest of your life. You may also face debilitating pain as a result of your job requirements.

Georgia employers are responsible for providing compensation to workers who develop these conditions. However, in order to receive benefits you must be able to show a clear link between your injury and the workplace. Evidence must show that your condition is not a natural result of aging or another outside cause. Because it can be tough to prove that your job led to this condition, you may wish to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney.

Medical evidence may help to show this connection. Take note of when your symptoms began, particularly if you have left the job you had when they appeared. Your doctor might provide a diagnosis of your condition. Medical imaging tests are also able to reveal the nature of your injury and how it relates to your job description.  Details regarding your work requirements may also be important.  For example, if you job at the local door company requires you to insert 30 locks per hour or, over 200 locks per work day, then these facts may also show the necessary connection.

If a connection is proven, your employer can assist you financially to treat chronic conditions. Physical therapy and pain management are two possible steps of rehabilitation for which you could be compensated. Although you can seek relief from repetitive motion injuries, your condition could prevent you from returning to work. In this case, Georgia also requires employers to help you find a job within your ability.

Repetitive motion injuries from the workplace should be treated just as seriously as sudden accidents. An experienced lawyer can fight on your behalf to access worker’s compensation benefits for these painful conditions.

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