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Most people know that Georgia workers compensation claims usually conclude with a lump sum settlement. But how much should your case settle for? How much is a shoulder injury worth? Or a back injury? Most importantly, is there anything that the injured worker can do to increase the settlement value of the case? Absolutely! in Georgia you can increase the settlement value of your workers comp case. 

The legal risk of serving alcohol to underage Thanksgiving guests

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration with family and friends. In addition to the turkey, pie and sweet potatoes, alcohol often plays a prominent role in Thanksgiving get-togethers. At such festivities, many hosts may allow their underage nieces or nephews to have a drink or two. They mistakenly assume that it's safer for minors to drink at home--under the supervision of trusted adults--rather than at a party or in a bar.

Subrogation: A potential glitch in workers' compensation remedy

If you are like most workers in Georgia, you may not give much thought to what should happen if you get injured on the job. It's understandable. Someone who suffers a serious accident isn't all that concerned about how treatment and recovery will be paid for. They're main thought is about getting that care, and rightly so.

Repetitive motion injuries also compensable

Workplace injuries aren't always sudden and visible. Often, an injury or condition can develop over the course of months or even several years by repeating the same task continuously. Types of work that commonly involve repetitive motion include factory assembly, heavy lifting, reaching overhead and typing.

Mating season can result in deer-related crashes

The months of October through December can be particularly hazardous to Georgia motorists, but not for the reasons you might think. Is it because of snowfall that makes roads slippery and dangerous? Not here in the South, where the temperatures remain mild. How about drivers who have had too much to drink at their holiday celebrations? Drunk drivers do pose a threat, but that's not the one we're talking about:

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