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Know the responsibilities that your employer has to you

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If you have found our website, then you are likely wondering how to receive compensation for a workplace injury. Being injured at the workplace or during a work-related activity adds a whole new layer of difficulty to your life. An injury can bring pain, suffering and a whole host of legal issues. During the workers’ compensation process, you might find yourself wondering what your employer should be doing for you.

It is crucial to know that most companies have several obligations that they must provide to their employees in order to address workers’ comp issues. Not complying with these duties can result in penalties such as fines, litigation, and even criminal charges.

One of the first steps to seeking workers’ compensation is up to to you.

You must report your injury to your employer within 30 days of the injury!

There is no specific form or method but you must report the injury.

What are your employer’s duties?

Most employers are required to:

  • Purchase workers’ compensation insurance from a workers’ comp insurance carrier or act as their own insurance carrier
  • Post a notice at work of the doctor you can select to treat your injury
  • Provide emergency medical care for any on-site injuries
  • Provide emergency medical attention if an injured employee is unable to select a doctor
  • Report the injury to the appropriate workers’ comp board office and the employer’s insurance company
  • Maintain written reports of every workplace injury that results in a loss of time from regular duties or that requires extensive medical treatment
  • Cooperate with the worker or workers’ compensation board when they request further information regarding the injury
  • Not retaliate against injured employees in any way, including harassment, unjust termination, discrimination or any other form of retaliation

Workers’ compensation can be a confusing, tangled maze that is difficult to navigate. Fortunately, you do not have to go through it alone, especially if you are injured.

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