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Georgia construction workers could face fatality risks on the job

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | Uncategorized

Many individuals earn their living by working in the construction industry. Though this industry is necessary for continued growth in various areas, construction workers often face serious risks while on the job. An accident could occur at any moment, and in some cases, the resulting injuries could result in a worker losing his or her life.

Georgia residents may be interested in such an event that recently took place out of state. Reports indicated that a man was working as part of a construction crew on a connected church and school building. In order to carry out his tasks, the man was using a construction lift. Somehow, the man became pinned between the lift and the building and was unable to get free.

Firefighters came to the site in order to help the man, but they were not able to successfully free him before he lost consciousness and stopped breathing. They performed CPR in hopes of saving his life, but those efforts did not prove successful. The man was pronounced deceased at the construction site. His age was given as 56. It was unclear how long he had worked for the construction company.

Families of construction workers often worry about their loved ones’ safety while they are at work. Sadly, accidents such as this one can easily cause Georgia families to suffer significant losses. While dealing with the emotional pain of such a situation, surviving family likely do not also want to have the financial burdens associated with lost income and other issues that can result from such an event. Luckily, workers’ compensation may be able to help, and interested individuals may find information on such benefits useful.

Source:, “Police ID man killed in construction accident in Lewiston“, Harold McNeil, April 18, 2017

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