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February 2017 Archives

Results of a work accident can impact Georgia workers, families

Serious work-related accidents occur on a fairly regular basis. Unfortunately, these incidents often lead to workers suffering severe injuries that have been known to prove fatal. The aftermath of such accidents may cause many hardships that surviving workers and families of deceased victims may have to handle. Georgia residents may be interested in one work accident that recently took place out of state. 

Mental Health And Georgia Workers' Compensation

In decades past, little was understood about mental health issues and these concerns certainly didn't qualify a worker to take time off of work and receive adequate compensation. Today, however, more is known about the complex nature of mental health issues and their connection to physical health concerns. Employees may be able to include mental health treatment and lost time due to mental health issues as part of their workers' compensation claim.

Fatal work-related accidents may lead to hardships in Georgia

When individuals are working in trenches, there are many safety precautions that are often required in order to ensure that the workers are not at any unnecessary risk. Unfortunately, work-related accidents can still take place, and serious injuries could occur. In some cases, resulting injuries may even prove fatal and cause much hardship for surviving family.

Asbestos Exposure and Georgia Workers' Compensation

The risks of asbestos exposure have been known for decades now. The widespread understanding that this material can be hazardous is so far-reaching that the federal government and the courts expect employers to take the precautions necessary to protect workers from exposure.

Family may seek legal action after Georgia car accident

Leaving the scene of a serious crash could cause considerable legal complications for those deserting parties. More importantly, however, when individuals leave crash sites, they may leave behind seriously injured parties who need medical attention. If a passenger is injured in a car accident in which the driver flees, considering legal action may not be unwarranted.

Injured workers: Georgia man suffers broken leg after accident

After a serious accident takes place on the job, many different actions may need to occur. Any injured parties will likely need medical attention, and the proper authorities will undoubtedly conduct an investigation into the incident. Additionally, seriously injured workers may need to find out their options for workers' compensation and how to go about potentially obtaining those benefits. 

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