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January 2017 Archives

Workers' comp may help those injured in workplace accidents

Though many individuals enjoy their jobs immensely, carrying out certain duties could put workers at risk of injury. Unfortunately, most workplace accidents occur unexpectedly without much time for individuals to react. As a result, serious injuries may result that leave employees wondering how they will deal with the aftermath when it comes to recovering and dealing with the financial impacts. 

Georgia families could seek recompense after fatal car accident

Speed limits are in place to help travelers move at a rate that is safe for the area. However, many drivers simply consider these limits guidelines or disregard them entirely and drive as high rates of speed. Unfortunately, drivers who are speeding typically have less control over their vehicles and some could potentially cause a serious car accident.

Georgia workers may be at risk of construction accident injuries

The construction industry is one that provides many job opportunities and is also vital for area growth. Unfortunately, construction-related jobs often come with considerable risks that require safety precautions, and in some cases, even addressing the risks may not completely protect workers from harm. If a construction accident results in serious injuries, significant setbacks could affect the injured workers. 

Construction accidents can severely impact Georgia workers

Though the hazards that workers face may depend on the type of jobs they have, all workers run a certain risk of suffering injuries on the job. Construction accidents are among the most commonly heard-of incidents, as they often involve severe injuries due to serious events. Unfortunately, these injuries can often result in significant hardships for the injured parties.

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