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Workplace accidents may lead Georgia families to pursue benefits

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2016 | Uncategorized

Many Georgia residents may go through their work days without facing any unexpected incidents. However, there are many individuals who are at risk of being involved in workplace accidents. If such an incident occurs and workers are seriously injured, the repercussions could have significant financial impacts that prove long-lasting.

Multiple individuals may be experiencing such impacts after a recent incident at a facility in a nearby state. Reports indicated that maintenance workers were working on an industrial pump used to transfer molten-hot polymers. The liquid polymers were reportedly used in making plastic that the plant produces. During their activities, three workers came in contact with the hot polymers after some escaped the pump. It was unclear how much of the liquid came out or landed on the workers.

The incident resulted in one death and other serious injuries. The worker who was killed was reported as being a 63-year-old man, and he had worked with the company for 20 years. The two seriously injured workers were taken to the hospital to be treated. Their conditions were not known at the time of the report.

As this tragedy shows, workplace accidents can result in severe injuries for the workers involved. When such incidents result in fatalities, the families of deceased Georgia workers may face many difficulties in dealing with the loss of income and other resulting financial hardships. However, workers’ compensation may be able to help. If these benefits are awarded, they may be able to assist with the financial burdens resulting from injury-causing accidents.

Source:, “Asphyxia caused worker’s death“, Dec. 7, 2016

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