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Social Media Can Ruin Your Workers’ Compensation Or Personal Injury Case

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2016 | Uncategorized

For many people, social media plays a role in their daily life and has even become an integral part of their routine. For many of us, posting an update on Facebook or venting about a problem on Twitter has become a regular part of our day. Under normal circumstances, this type of daily reporting is seemingly harmless – but it’s not always recommended if you are filing for workers’ compensation or seeking damages in a personal injury claim.

Listen to what your attorney advises you

You will be working closely with your attorney in order to develop the best legal strategy for your particular case. For a personal injury claim, this may involve proving the accident caused emotional as well as physical injury, resulting in financial damages. The damages you are seeking often include medical costs, lost wages and the impact of emotional distress. While your Georgia personal injury attorney will be working tirelessly in order to prove that the injury has had a significant and detrimental impact on both your personal and professional life, the other party will be working just as hard to prove that it was not damaging at all.

In the case of a workers’ compensation claim, your employer may try to prove that your injuries are less severe than you claim them to be, or that you’ve aggravated your condition by some activity unrelated to your job. In a personal injury claim, the insurance lawyer may argue that your own negligence contributed to the accident or made your injury worse. Anything you say on social media is a matter of public record and may be used against you

Your best option is to stay off social media for a while…

It is important to recognize that it may not be in your best interest to continue your active social life online after an accident that results in an injury.

Even a friendly post to update your friends and relatives may indicate you are not as emotional distraught or physically injured as you claim. While you may realize that you shouldn’t post a selfie of you jogging with your friends, even less-obvious posts may still have a detrimental impact on your case. Even a simple post that says “Feeling great after a day of shopping” could be viewed as evidence that you are capable of returning to work.

Personal injury insurance defense lawyers, including workers’ compensation, are finding that some of the easiest evidence against complainants is readily available on the vast expanse of social networking sites. According to an article published on the Huffington Post, nearly 74% of adults who use the Internet reported that they also participated on social networking sites. Experts predict that this number is likely to remain the same or rise, closing the gap between Internet users and social media users.

…and warn your friends and family not to post anything about your injuries

If you have been involved in an accident that results in an injury, whether in the workplace or on the roads, the best thing to do is to deactivate your social networking accounts and cease from posting online until your litigation or workers’ compensation claim is concluded. Discuss this with your friends and family members, as well. Even things innocently posted to or about you can harm your case. If you decide not to deactivate your account and take a break from social media, it’s imperative that your account privacy settings are up to date.

Talk to the right law firm, then heed your lawyer’s advice

Your team of personal injury attorneys are available to give you guidance in regards to every aspect of your case. Not only will they help you understand the legal process and the steps that need to be taken in order to secure the compensation that you need, but they also will help you maneuver your personal and professional life during this tumultuous time. To learn more about social media best practices when involved in a personal injury case, contact our team of qualified personal injury attorneys today.

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