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December 2016 Archives

Georgia car crash claims lives of all involved

In less than an instant, a family can be significantly altered. A car accident could quickly rip loved ones away from families, and leave surviving members wondering what they should do next. In many cases in which a car crash proves fatal, filing wrongful death claims could help the surviving families seek justice.

Social Media Can Ruin Your Workers' Compensation Or Personal Injury Case

For many people, social media plays a role in their daily life and has even become an integral part of their routine. For many of us, posting an update on Facebook or venting about a problem on Twitter has become a regular part of our day. Under normal circumstances, this type of daily reporting is seemingly harmless - but it's not always recommended if you are filing for workers' compensation or seeking damages in a personal injury claim.

Cold weather conditions may increase risk of workplace accidents

Many individuals who work outside often have their work hampered by weather conditions. As the winter season rolls in, many construction workers may find themselves battling cold temperatures and potential ice issues. These conditions could increase the risk of workplace accidents, and as a result, workers could be injured.

Workplace accidents may lead Georgia families to pursue benefits

Many Georgia residents may go through their work days without facing any unexpected incidents. However, there are many individuals who are at risk of being involved in workplace accidents. If such an incident occurs and workers are seriously injured, the repercussions could have significant financial impacts that prove long-lasting.

Wrongful death: Georgia teen killed in crash after abduction

When the sudden death of a loved one is caused by the actions of another individual, the surviving family may wonder what their options are. In many cases, taking legal action against the individual considered at fault or that person's estate could be a feasible and warranted action. A wrongful death claim could allow those negatively affected parties to seek desired compensation.

Georgia Workers Compensation and OSHA - How Are They Similar?

OSHA's Mission is to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing safety standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance to employers and employees.

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