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November 2016 Archives

A workplace accident could affect Georgia workers and families

The aftermath of a work-related accident can easily leave workers and their families looking for answers. The struggles that result from serious or fatal injuries can affect individuals for years to comes. As a result, the affected parties may wish to determine whether workers' compensation may be available to address financial hardships resulting from a workplace accident. 

Fatal car accident claims lives in Georgia

Incidents that cause families to lose loved ones may lead the surviving family members to consider various options. Among these options may be to file wrongful death claims if the deaths were caused by other parties. Such a claim could help those families seek compensation for damages resulting from a fatal car accident.

Injured workers in Georgia may be interested in workers' comp

In the event that an individual is seriously injured or killed on the job, there may be steps that need to be taken for those negatively affected by the event. Certainly, ensuring that the injured workers receive the necessary medical attention and treatment is of the utmost importance, but afterward, financial issues could plague those individuals. As a result, further steps may be needed in order to work toward potentially obtaining workers' compensation benefits. 

Georgia pedestrian accident leaves man with fatal injuries

Being a pedestrian comes with considerable risks, especially when walking on busy roadways. There are many reasons individuals may find themselves in such situations, and experiencing car problems or having no other modes of transportation are just two potential factors that could affect some parties. Whatever the reasons, there are chances that these individuals could be struck by vehicles, and a pedestrian accident could cause deadly injuries. 

Workers compensation may help with on-the-job injuries in Georgia

When a serious accident takes place on a work site, there may be impacts felt in various areas. However, if the incident results in workers suffering on-the-job injuries, those workers and their families may be feeling the repercussions much more intensely. In hopes of gaining financial assistance, those individuals may wish to look into workers' compensation.

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