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Workplace accidents could cause serious injury to Georgia workers

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2016 | Uncategorized

There are many different professions that Georgia residents may utilize in order to earn an income. Some of these jobs may be considered low risk, while other jobs could have individuals facing significant hazards every day. Construction workers are often at risk of being involved in workplace accidents, and these accidents could result in serious injuries caused by machinery or other factors. 

It was recently reported that one man in another state was seriously injured while on the job. The man was working as part of a construction crew that were carrying out duties relating to a water line for a new home. The man was operating a front-end loader and drove over a trench on the construction site. Driving over the trench caused the loader to overturn, and the man became trapped.

Emergency crews arrived approximately one hour after the incident, and it took them approximately three hours to free the man. The accident resulted in the man suffering injuries to his hip. His hip was fractured in two places, and the injuries needed surgery. As a result, he was transported from the scene to the hospital to be prepped for surgery. 

Workplace accidents such as this one can be frightening events. Georgia workers who are seriously injured on the job, like this man was, may find themselves facing serious struggles in the aftermath of such an event. Financial challenges may result due to medical bills and time away from work, and, as a result, individuals may wish to find out more information on workers’ compensation and how it could potentially help.

Source:, “Construction worker breaks hip in two places after loader crash“, Sept. 24, 2016

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