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October 2016 Archives

Georgia car accident results in man's death

Being involved in a rear-end crash can sometimes be a minor incident that results in momentary frustration, or it could be a serious event with devastating outcomes. A car accident that occurs because a driver does not stop in time or due to other factors could potentially result in an individual or individuals losing their lives. In such cases, seeking compensation may be worth considering. 

Georgia construction accident results in injured workers

It was recently reported that a construction accident left two individuals seriously injured in Georgia. Reports stated that the injured workers were carrying out tasks at a construction site. While working on an unfinished home, a crane was being utilized to haul wooden trusses to the top of the house. At some point, the crane came too close to an electrical wire and caused an arc of electricity. 

Georgia car accident claims lives

There may be many different conditions under which filing a civil claim may be warranted. Losing a loved one in a car accident may result in the surviving family wishing to file a wrongful death claim. First gaining information on this type of legal option may help interested parties decide whether they would like to follow such an avenue.

Overcoming a Denied Georgia Workers' Compensation Claim

Suffering an injury on the job or being diagnosed with a work-related illness can have a significant impact on your professional and personal life. If you are dealing with an occupational injury in Georgia, then it's important that you file a workers' compensation claim as soon as possible. If you find yourself facing a denial of a workers' compensation claim, be sure to continue fighting for your rights. An attorney who specializes in Georgia workers' compensation can help you navigate the process.

Workplace accidents could cause serious injury to Georgia workers

There are many different professions that Georgia residents may utilize in order to earn an income. Some of these jobs may be considered low risk, while other jobs could have individuals facing significant hazards every day. Construction workers are often at risk of being involved in workplace accidents, and these accidents could result in serious injuries caused by machinery or other factors. 

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