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Obtaining workers’ comp benefits requires knowing your rights

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2016 | Uncategorized

Suffering an injury on the job is not something anyone in Georgia really expects to occur. There are federal and state regulations, enforced by various agencies that establish the responsibilities employers have to ensure workers are properly trained and equipped to minimize the chances of workplace injuries. Still, they happen.

Afterward, in addition to facing what can be a challenging road to recovery, injured workers can run into difficulties getting the benefits they need to pay for their medical treatments and their therapies. This is what workers’ compensation is supposed to be for. Unfortunately, too often, employers look to short-circuit the system, refusing to report injuries. Sometimes insurers deny the claim or take action to minimize benefits paid. Obtaining compensation you are due becomes a battle. 

Filing a claim itself has been known to stymie some individuals – so much so that they give up before completing the process. What often happens then is that a worker goes to the doctor and start obtaining care under regular health insurance. That’s not the way it should work and having an advocate who understands the laws at your side can make a big difference in how things play out.

Under existing states rules, most employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. There are exceptions if you work for a railroad, the federal government, work on a farm or as a domestic servant.

Those who do have coverage are supposed to have access to quick care as might be required by the nature of the injury. If a second opinion is deemed appropriate, that should be covered by workers’ compensation, too.

If you are hurt while at work and have concern that you are not being covered as required, contact an experienced attorney for a free initial consultation. 

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