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I just bought a car under a salvage title. Do I need to worry?

If you ever bought a used car in Georgia, you probably are familiar with the term "as is." This is a way sellers use to say - buyer beware. There's no warranty on the car. New car dealers have to comply with provisions of the state's lemon law, but no such law applies to used cars. That puts an extra burden on buyers to take extra care.

Georgia car accident may present cause for legal claims

Though many precautions are put in place to make the roadways safe, people are injured or killed on a daily basis. Drivers who feel that the rules do not apply to them put other travelers at considerable risk, but even individuals who try to be present and aware on the road can make a mistake that costs lives. Unfortunately, a fatal car accident can have lasting impacts.

Georgia car crash claims life of teen

When asked to consider a deadly crash, a different scenario may pop into each individual's mind. Some parties may immediately picture a multi-car accident, while others think of tractor-trailers or drunk drivers. Unfortunately, any type of car crash could prove fatal depending on the circumstances, and many people can feel the repercussions of such an incident.

Hit-and-run car accident results in teen's death in Georgia

Vehicle collisions are a common occurrence, but the outcomes of crashes have unique impacts. As a result, the individuals affected may have specific options that relate to their car accident that could help them handle negative outcomes. In many cases, information on civil claims options may help individuals determine whether legal action could suit their circumstances. 

Claims may result from multi-vehicle Georgia car accident

In the aftermath of a serious crash, many individuals may feel a mixture of various emotions. If they were seriously injured, they may wonder how their injuries will affect their lives, and individuals of deceased car accident victims may wonder how they will deal with this sudden loss. Handling any of these outcomes can prove difficult on many levels. 

Family may seek legal action after Georgia car accident

Leaving the scene of a serious crash could cause considerable legal complications for those deserting parties. More importantly, however, when individuals leave crash sites, they may leave behind seriously injured parties who need medical attention. If a passenger is injured in a car accident in which the driver flees, considering legal action may not be unwarranted.

Georgia families could seek recompense after fatal car accident

Speed limits are in place to help travelers move at a rate that is safe for the area. However, many drivers simply consider these limits guidelines or disregard them entirely and drive as high rates of speed. Unfortunately, drivers who are speeding typically have less control over their vehicles and some could potentially cause a serious car accident.

Georgia car crash claims lives of all involved

In less than an instant, a family can be significantly altered. A car accident could quickly rip loved ones away from families, and leave surviving members wondering what they should do next. In many cases in which a car crash proves fatal, filing wrongful death claims could help the surviving families seek justice.

Wrongful death: Georgia teen killed in crash after abduction

When the sudden death of a loved one is caused by the actions of another individual, the surviving family may wonder what their options are. In many cases, taking legal action against the individual considered at fault or that person's estate could be a feasible and warranted action. A wrongful death claim could allow those negatively affected parties to seek desired compensation.

Fatal car accident claims lives in Georgia

Incidents that cause families to lose loved ones may lead the surviving family members to consider various options. Among these options may be to file wrongful death claims if the deaths were caused by other parties. Such a claim could help those families seek compensation for damages resulting from a fatal car accident.

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