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What's crucial in workers' comp, where I work or where I live?

Every state has workers' compensation law in place. That does not mean that all plans are the same. Indeed, where Georgia and Alabama are concerned, differences in benefit amounts can be significant. This has the potential for generating major confusion.

Is compensation for an illness possible after employment ends?

The answer to the question above might not seem very promising when faced with the results in a 1998 article published by the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine. According to a study outlined in the article, roughly 97 percent of workers living with an occupational illness don't receive compensation for their work-related condition.

Work accidents: Georgia worker suffers injury in fall

When an individual's job duties require work to be done at considerable heights, that person runs the risk of suffering serious injuries if he or she falls. Many workers are put at such risk in a variety of occupations, and unfortunately, accidents occur relatively often. Though the types of injuries stemming from such an event may vary, there is a high likelihood that workers can suffer significant harm. 

Georgia construction workers could face fatality risks on the job

Many individuals earn their living by working in the construction industry. Though this industry is necessary for continued growth in various areas, construction workers often face serious risks while on the job. An accident could occur at any moment, and in some cases, the resulting injuries could result in a worker losing his or her life. 

Falls due to a work accident may lead to workers' comp in Georgia

The idea of an on-the-job injury can be one that causes much anxiety for any Georgia worker or worker's family. Depending on the occupation, a workplace accident could cause serious or fatal injuries. These injuries could lead to a variety of impacts, but most commonly, individuals find themselves facing questions regarding their finances. 

Sudden work-related accident may leave Georgia workers injured

In Georgia and elsewhere, suffering an injury can happen to anyone at anytime. In many cases, these injuries occur on the job. A work-related accident could result in severe injuries. These injuries can cause individuals to face numerous setbacks that lead to financial strain for which they may be entitled to compensation.

Workplace injury may cause financial struggles in Georgia

Though many individuals enjoy their jobs, workers could still find themselves at risk of injuries. A workplace injury can happen to anyone, and the extent of those injuries can have varying effects. In relatively minor situations, workers may still need time away from work to recover while more serious events could lead to extended hospitalization and permanent injuries.

You can't sue your employer for a workplace injury but you can sue...

Workers' compensation is often referred to as "the compensation bargain." It's basically a trade off. If you are injured on the job, you are provided immediate benefits (although limited) and, in exchange, you forfeit the right to sue your employer in court. This arrangement applies regardless of who was at fault.

Alabama construction accident leaves worker with injuries

Taking a serious fall at any time can result in negative repercussions. When the fall takes place as part of a construction accident, the likelihood of serious injuries may increase. If a worker is injured due to this type of on-the-job incident, he or she may have cause to pursue workers' compensation.

Workplace accidents in Georgia may be cause for workers' comp

Job injuries can happen unexpectedly, and as a result, Georgia workers may have given little thought to how they would handle the aftermath of such injuries. They may face financial impacts that could leave them wondering how their day-to-day lives will move forward. Luckily, workers' compensation can provide benefits to qualifying workers who are injured in workplace accidents. 

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